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September 2014
I very nearly bought a bright neon orange tank top from Forever 21 the other day because it’s the ONLY Avengers merch I’ve ever seen with Black Widow

at the rate it’s going, we’re gonna get a black widow movie and we’re STILL not going to have black widow merch

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July 2014
i think it’s gotta be stiles or jackson. the two so far have been lydia’s closest relationships and while i would love it being stiles, i think having said ‘i love you’ to jackson, who’s also gone, makes a case IF THE WRITERS REMEMBER HE EXISTS

oh man, i didn’t even THINK about jackson

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June 2014
kira just figured out she was bisexual RIGHT NOW


June 2014

rule 1: always post the rules

rule 2:  answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones

rule 3:  tag 11 people and link them to the post.

rule 4:  actually tell them you tagged them

palethroatsandcupidsbows asked me:

1. Would you consider yourself more introvert or extrovert?

I consider myself to be extrovertedly introvert, ha. I like people, I like talking to people, I like being around people, but I need so much time to recharge and deal with people. I can do small talk just fine, but I need alone time to gather myself up again. 

2. What kind of sweets do you like?

I’m not a super huge fan of sweets, but I dig white chocolate covered pretzels. It’s still got that sweet thing going on, but it also has that salty bite afterward. And I much prefer crunchy things to mushy things, so. 

The one exception to this is what I get my mom to make me for my birthday, which is something called eclair pie (it’s funny, because my first initial is ‘e’ and then my name is claire, ha). It’s basically graham crackers, vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip, and the best chocolate sauce/icing idk on top. I could eat a whole pan by myself and not feel bad about it. 

3. How do you feel about climbing trees?

I generally don’t. I’m clutzy by nature and very suspicious of heights. 

4. Do you collect/hoard anything?

Everything. I have a really hard time letting anything go. I like having thing, in general.But I’m also known around my college major group as having a thing for office supplies and organizational stuff. I’m not kidding, there are eight of us and they all know.

5. What’s your favorite season and why?

I’m particularly fond of summer, except when it rains all the time, like it’s doing right now.

6. Have you ever gone surfing?

No, I generally avoid the ocean in general. I don’t like water on my face, I don’t go past about five feet’s worth of deep. I can barely stand on my own on dry land and I get sea sick SO EASILY. 

7. If you could turn back time, what would you change?

This is going to sound so cheesy, but probably nothing? Everything that I went through made me the person I am now and I know who this person is - this person is strong, this person survives, this person puts up with no bullshit.

8. Do you like hot chocolate with milk or water?

Well, I don’t like it with water, but I don’t drink milk from cows??? I don’t know, I don’t really drink hot chocolate.

9. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Physically, I think my legs are pretty awesome. They’re long and although my knees and hips aren’t super awesome, they’ve kept me up for twenty-four years. I like how they look in short dresses and shorts and jeans.

But I also like how strong I am. I’ve been through a lot of shit and lived to tell the tale, so that’s pretty awesome.

10. How often do you swear?

When I’m around kids or in professional settings, not at all. But barring those things, like an old drunken sailor. That’s how much. And then some. And then some more.

11. What do you like to do to de-stress?

I don’t know what this question means. De-stress? I’m always stressed. Ha, no. I like to read fic and play on my 3DS and I like to sleep. I like to take baths. Sometimes in the morning, I get a drink from either Starbucks or Sonic. I try to do one nice thing for myself every day and one really nice thing by myself every month. 

My questions:

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May 2014

winged replied to your post “[[MOR] so i was p sure my period was over today IT’S NOT. IT’S…”

OMFG mine does that every time and i fall for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

ME TOO. i’ll have, like, one day where nothing happens, and i’m like “yes, my prayers have been answered!” and then my uterus is like “WHAT UP I’M BACK” 

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May 2014
if you’re SERIOUSLY concerned that you have appendicitis, go to the ER, where they will bill you later. geeesh. <3

i don’t know, i’m not a good judge of my own pain, ahhh. but that is also an option, yeah

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May 2014
a) you should totally write that [seriously, i’m not sure how you can be accused of untactfully handling an asexual member of a triad relationship as long as you don’t imply it encompasses ALL TRIADS or something] and b)I’ll edit or beta if you want!

oh yeah, no! i think if i were to write it, it would mirror real life wherein asexuality is not… acknowledged, really, across the board. and derek would probably struggle with thoughts like “is this fair? is being in a relationship me being selfish? i know this isn’t normal.” and then if i did it in canon, i’d have to figure out a way to resolve - or not resolve, i’m not sure the word i’m going for here (come to terms? idk) - how scott used derek’s body against his will re: gerard argent and then scott, derek, and stiles as a triad

or i could canon divergence it. maybe.

and then it’s like, do i want to do post!nogitsune? do i use lycanthropy as a rape analogy and have three broken boys? do i want to write a 10k+ angst fic? i don’t even read angst fic. 

(also, i’m in too deep, i’m probably going to sign up, i am taking you up on editing/betaing YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME IF I DO is what i’m saying)

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April 2014

winged asked

I feel like I should inform you that I literally finished all of s1 teen wolf in 24 hours this weekend and am now just scrollin' through your scott/stiles tag and considering staying up too late to start s2. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

EVERY TIME SOMEONE TELLS ME THEY’VE DONE THIS A LITTLE THRILL RACES UP MY SPINE. The first couple of seasons are definitely my favorites, omg. THIS MADNESS IS ESSENTIALLY WHAT TEEN WOLF IS. And the fandom is so prolific! It’s great! BASICALLY WELCOME HI I AM SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!! 

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January 2014

winged replied to your post: today has been heinous  Read M…

you can do this! i believe in you. i know it must suck though. (the gesture to mouth thing i can’t think of a good substitute for except chewing pens and i can’t recommend eating plastic…i do it all the time tho.)

thank you!! my nails are taking a beating, omg. bff said, though, that when she quit, she cut a straw to the approximate length and simulated the experience, so i’m thiiiiiiiiinking about trying that. it’s just really hard not to replace the smoking habit with an eating habit and i’m trying SO HARD to avoid subbing in another habit agh

bohener replied to your post: today has been heinous  Read M…

i hope it doesn’t sound condescending to say i’m proud of you for trying to quit. and i hope it gets easier for you <3

<33 thanks bro!!! it would be obnoxious coming from some people, but i know you’re forreal about it dude, don’t even worry :)!

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September 2013

winged replied to your post: Wow! Twenty-three has treated…

HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE. even though theoretically it is probably not still. <33

HEY THANKS BRO!!! it’s totally still my birthday, you totally got it in time ha