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April 2014

winged asked

I feel like I should inform you that I literally finished all of s1 teen wolf in 24 hours this weekend and am now just scrollin' through your scott/stiles tag and considering staying up too late to start s2. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

EVERY TIME SOMEONE TELLS ME THEY’VE DONE THIS A LITTLE THRILL RACES UP MY SPINE. The first couple of seasons are definitely my favorites, omg. THIS MADNESS IS ESSENTIALLY WHAT TEEN WOLF IS. And the fandom is so prolific! It’s great! BASICALLY WELCOME HI I AM SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!! 

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January 2014

winged replied to your post: today has been heinous  Read M…

you can do this! i believe in you. i know it must suck though. (the gesture to mouth thing i can’t think of a good substitute for except chewing pens and i can’t recommend eating plastic…i do it all the time tho.)

thank you!! my nails are taking a beating, omg. bff said, though, that when she quit, she cut a straw to the approximate length and simulated the experience, so i’m thiiiiiiiiinking about trying that. it’s just really hard not to replace the smoking habit with an eating habit and i’m trying SO HARD to avoid subbing in another habit agh

bohener replied to your post: today has been heinous  Read M…

i hope it doesn’t sound condescending to say i’m proud of you for trying to quit. and i hope it gets easier for you <3

<33 thanks bro!!! it would be obnoxious coming from some people, but i know you’re forreal about it dude, don’t even worry :)!

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September 2013

winged replied to your post: Wow! Twenty-three has treated…

HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE. even though theoretically it is probably not still. <33

HEY THANKS BRO!!! it’s totally still my birthday, you totally got it in time ha 

July 2013
let them be hungry! that’s fucking ridiculous.

yeah, no i totally just went to my room and haven’t said anything more about dinner. and i mean, i’m more than willing to admit i might have come across as a little snippy because i just woke up  and i’m a permanent wrong side of the bed person, but still. still.

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April 2013

winged replied to your chat: eek: it’s ringing! me: back away from the oven so…

omfffg eek

idek how she comes up with it but it’s cuuuuuuuute

February 2013

actually i’m just going to post it behind a cut for the time being because there are a fair few who want to read it? and idk if it’s ever going to be done. i think it’s going to be vague no matter how much i work on it, so. agh. next post will be the ~poem~ behind a read more so be on the look out i guess

February 2013
winged replied your post
if you do feel like sharing it i’d really like to see it <3

if you send me your email i can share it on gdocs with you? it’s sort of long and there are some italics that don’t translate well through the ask box, whoops.

January 2013

winged replied to your post: man, so i was blowdrying eek’s hair and she made a…

you’re a left-handed right-dominant person too! weird! high five! (but not with your right hand.)

WHOOPS i meant to say left hand. my left hand is the hurt hand. i just cannot type or something, hahaha.

so i’m a right-handed left-dominant.

but still that is cool to hear that other people aren’t necessarily dominant with their writing hand!

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November 2012
Who do you like best in Doctor Who? If you could be a superhero what power would you have?

From the daleks!

Me: You like the daleks the best?

YEAH. Can you make a dalek?

Me: What do you like about the daleks?

They say, EX-TER-MIN-ATE

Me: If you could have a super power, what power would you have?

IRON MAN. I like Iron Man. To the rescue! He flies. I like Doctor Who.

November 2012